Is Butter a Carb?

Let me start by saying that I am NO way an expert on this topic! I just wanted to share what has worked for me in hopes that I may find some good feedback and potential new ideas :) 

Growing up I was always referred as Skinny the time I would get upset and cry because my family would make fun of my long lanky body. Cut to my 20s when my metabolism decided to catch up with me and the bottomless pit of my stomach started to hang on to some of those late night pizzas and 40oz  Steele Reserves. It came to the point where I could no longer rely on my teenage body to disintegrate the fat and I would now have to reevaluate and actually get my ass off the couch.

Over the years I have tried many different diets and quick fixes to lose the muffin top and get fit. Weight Watchers worked for a bit but I was hungry, calorie counting made me look skinny fat, and the good old starvation method just wouldn't last past lunch time. A few years ago I was introduced to tracking my macros and the Bulletproof Diet which consisted of an 18 hour fast followed by Bulletproof Coffee (coffee and coconut oil) and huge protein and fat rich meals. It really worked for me and I quickly learned that the off balance of carbs and protein is what really made the fat melt. I later skipped the coffee and just focused on the carb fasting. Little to none most days (50-75 grams) and only the good kinds (sweet potato, quinoa) to re-feed before or after an intense workout. I know it seems drastic but again its what works for me. 

Now I just try to maintain a low carb, moderate healthy fats, high protein diet. I do high intensity interval training and make sure to lift heavy in order to build muscle. On non lift days try to get in some cardio like running or elliptical. And PLEASE for the love of god, get some supplements! I cant work out without my BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) drink. I recommend a post workout drink full of protein and carbs to help your body recover favorite is A.R.M ( Anabolic Recovery Matrix) Both I get from the local Max Muscle retailer but you can also buy online. 

So this was just a quick intro, there will be further discussions about the topic but I thought I would share my main weight loss tips.

 Shop the look in the links below. And P.S. butter is not a all the butter! 


Now on to more important things....clothes! I thought this racer back tank was super cute and appropriately themed. I always love to wear with brights when working out..I don't know maybe the vibrant colors give me more energy lol either way I am loving these intense pops of orange. Both the sports bra and kicks are Nike. The Air Max's are amaaaazingly comfy, especially when running! Some perforation and sheer details add a little flair for a fashionable fitness look.