Leather & Lace

The moment I saw this tunic top I fell in love. Although at first I did think that I could pull it off as a short dress and wear it with some over the knee boots... I was quickly corrected in the fitting room when I lifted my arms to button up the back. So instead of offering a free show at my hubs holiday party I decided to pair it with some basic leggings and a classic pump. Nevertheless, a chic comfy ensemble was created for the first of many holiday looks for the season.

So after overcoming the hooha dilemma it was time to fix the see through situation. This gorgeous top is full of beautifully intricate lace details and offers a peekaboo cut out right under the choker neck feature. And while I'd normally be down to highlight the girls, I was headed to a more conservative event and didn't want to steal all the attention. A simple lace trim cami quickly came to the rescue and to complete the racy lacy theme,  I added a throwback choker ftw.

Soft and pretty details create a flirty and feminine look while adding edge with a leather bomber. Finish it off with more black leather accessories and hints of gold. It's the perfect holiday outfit while not being so overtly festive. However, if you are feeling extra merry, it does come in red!