Let's talk skincare!!

Guys, I just turned 30! Shocking I know, I'm still getting acclimated myself. But in all seriousness, as I began to approach this milestone I thought the most important thing I could do was start to a preventative skincare regimen. Now I must admit I have been very lucky to have been blessed with some great skin. In my last beauty post I mentioned my horrible dark under eyes, but aside from that and some slight unevenness in my skin tone, I managed to get through my pre pubescence and early 20s with little to no skin thank you skin gods!!! But, it's all about prevention and maintenance to keep this mug lookin fab!

Guys I am LITERALLY obsesssssed with Fresh products! I honestly would bathe in this stuff (maybe there's a body wash I don't know about, gotta check on that) I started out my love affair using the Fresh Lotus Eye Gel recommended to me by a friend and employee at Sephora...remember killer dark circles over here. I had yet to find an eye cream to hydrate and diminish the darkness until I discovered this holy grail. It's amazing and since it's a gel it can be used day or night and under make up without leaving a heavy, oily residue. While getting that I obviously had to purchase the accompanying Fresh Youth Preserve Face Cream and I instantly fell in love. It's super light and smooth perfect for day or night and gives off a delicate cucumber fragrance that leaves you feeling super fresh and clean. The products together work amazing and I am so glad I found this brand.

However; with the big 3-0 coming on strong, I decided it was time to step it up a notch. Enter the big sister: The Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Cream and Eye Concentrate. This stuff is like a face time machine. I hadn't really even noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin until i started using these. Now I wake up every day to an incredibly soft and supple face, my skin is glowing and those lines that were starting to creep up have been put back in their place -- off of my face. I also like to dabble in a few other of their products and take advantage of the frequent buyer perks with free samples and travel sizes. The Rose line is super hydrating and smells amazing. And the Soy Face Cleanser is great for people with sensitive skin.

Now, this brand is definitely pricey, but as I like to continuously preach, it's all about quality investments. Trust me, your body should be your biggest money pit, you only get one so take care of that baby. Treat it inside and out. Save up and invest in some quality products I promise you it will be worth every penny!  Start out by asking for samples from Sephora and Nordstrom to see what works best for you before you take plunge.