Lets Talk About SETS

Sometimes it's the accessories that make the outfit, and in this case it's all about these killer shades. I recently got two pairs of these awesome sunglasses from SETSclub. SETS is a California born company specializing in cool shades with colorful interchangeable sides to create a fun, custom look each and every day. 

Here I am wearing the Play SETS that feature these radiant red revo polarized lenses that can literally brighten up any look. Paired with all black, they are definitely the star of the show. What I love about SETS is their innovative Snap-On Technology, each pair comes with an additional pair of sides that you can easily snap on and off to create different looks depending on your mood or style. Super versatile and gets you multiple looks in one and you guys know I love getting a little bang for my buck!

SETS offers a multitude of options to choose from and if you can't decide, they've got a multi pack that gets you a pair of Polished Black frames with smoke grey lenses and polished black sided AND the matte dark grey frames with red revo lenses and matte dark grey sides AND 4 additional pairs of colored sides!! You're shade game will literally be all set with SETS!

I've mentioned before how I am super resistant when purchasing sunglasses because I always end up losing them or they get thrown into the bottom of the abyss otherwise known as my purse and end up broken... sooo what's great about these is that not only are they super sleek but they're flexible, durable and scratch resistant! The BEST part about these super chic sunnies is that SETS donates a portion of profits to charities to help bring awareness to issues all around the world. So you can look cool while helping out, what could be better than that? 

Guys, definitely check out the website and go get you some SETS!!