Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

-The Curly Girl Challenge-

In honor of the upcoming Black History Month, I've decided it's time to get back to my roots--literally! As a mixed chick, I grew up struggling with my hair. For some background; my black side contains its own mix...a melting pot of Portuguese, French, and Native American among others. And my newly discovered white side is a combination of English and French Canadian. Growing up in a dominantly white suburban area, I quickly conformed to my surroundings and started straightening my hair as early as age 10. My hair is thin and fine and unfortunately there's not much of it, my curls are tight little ringlets. After all the years of blow drying and straightening; I have no real curl pattern and all the heat damage causes my hair to not grow at all and break off at the ends. 

My hair is in desperate need of some nourishment and the time is NOW! For more than half my life I have blow-dried and straightened my hair EVERY single day. I rarely get it trimmed for the fear of it never growing back. My hot tools are always well above the recommended heat for my hair type, crisping off my ends at around 400 degrees. Mixed with years of using oil stripping products, the occasional hair relaxer (why?!?!) and root ripping hair extensions, it is definitely time for a change. I am ready to go full force into this challenge. With the help of some curlfriends, I've picked up some basics to get started. I've heard a lot of great things about DevaCurl and for the past year I have been trying out SheaMoisture products to help with growth. The main thing is taking care of my curls inside and out. I purchased a satin pillow case and stocked up on my coconut oil. I vow to try my absolute hardest to go the whole month with no heat on my head and only using curl nourishing products. All this curl talk has got me super excited ti get started and I can't wait ti share my progress with you guys. Now for some curl inspo...

Wish me luck, join the challenege and shop these cute curly girl products