Superhero Style

First and foremost I am super excited to hook you up with an awesome discount code on your own pair of SETS. Literally they are every fashionistas dream come true! Today I went with the classic black but coordinated them with my outfit and switched out the sides for a contrasting black and white look. How awesome is that?! I love pieces that get you your bang for your buck and these interchangeable shades do just that. And I know I've talked about my love/hate relationship when purchasing spend a bunch a money and they end up broken, lost or scratched up and there's all your money down the drain. These babies stand the test of time, they are so durable I could run them over with my car and they'd survive...ok so I wouldn't go that far but you get the picture! They've been in and out of my purse, glove box and that side console where all the crumbs fall and there are literally no scratches in sight. Do yourself a favor and get you a pair of SETS...and one pair actually gets you three looks! Use code VIGOR20 for 20% your first pair :)

Next up, my most coveted piece. This amazingggg BCBG cape jacket is everything!! It's so simple and so chic, this cape gives me life. You would be surprised how much us you get out of it. I find myself throwing it over a nice cocktail dress for special occasions. It amps up the classic office look, and of course as seen here it adds the perfect finishing touch to basic jeans and tee. To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement.

There's a reoccurring theme here which is my infatuation with all things BCBG. In this case its these beautiful BCBGeneration pumps. The lace up detail is super trendy right now and I am really digging it. These are great for work and play offering a medium heel height and pointy toe making them cute and comfy. The best part is that you can usually find these designer shoes on sale at affordable places like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and in this case Marshalls for $30!