Canadian Tuxedo

Call me crazy but who doesn't love denim on denim? I know the trend has had its highs and lows but it's time to fully embrace the look and learn how to rock it right. Now, no ones talking go full blown, head to toe, Britney Justin circa 2001 but there's definitely a way to style the look and my baby blue jean rule of thumb is always to just simply mix and match color. 

Always start with a good pair of denim. Now I must admit I have had my fair share of emotional break downs in the fitting room of True Religion trying to find the not even perfect, but just decent enough pair of jeans that fit. It has been a life long struggle and will probably continue through the end of time. Me and jeans just don't mix, I am alllll about that leggings as pants movement, don't judge me Idc I like to be comfortable and chic. But, when I FINALLY found these seriously amazing high-waisted skinnies from Top Shop I had just about died. They were the perfect rise, nicely fitted throughout. a deep dark color and just the right amount of stretch. I loved them. And I bottomed out and bought 4 pairs right then and there #worthit
The perfect pair of jeans will just about make your life and create the canvas for any look. More recently I stumbled upon a really great pair of jeans from GAP as well. I had a gift card but hadn't stepped foot into a GAP since bold striped sweaters and ribbed beanies. But lemme tell you, the pair I found are a close second to my coveted Top Shop jeans.


As I always say, the accessories make the look. Tie it all together with complimenting neutrals and simple basics. These little heeled booties were literally a steal at Nordstrom Rack, at $25 they are super comfy and the best color for a casual day look. The timeless Neverfull is the perfect catalyst to this classic, all american look. 

I always love to have just a classic denim shirt in my closet at all times. The versatility of that thing will last you a lifetime. It can be casual like this or even dressy paired with a full skirt and heels. Mix and match it with seperates by wearing it open with a patterned top and leggings or tie it up and pair with a maxi skirt. Literally the possibilities are endless and its these tyoes of classics that get you through the fashion times. Here I obviously chose a lighter shade to counter balance the dark denim on the bottom. The light and the dark is what really shows off the separate pieces doesn't create that denim monochromatic look. 

I couldn't finish up this post without mentioning this shot below. Just like any classic must have piece in your closet, I've learned the people you have around you are just as important. My photographer Bryan has been along this ride with me since I launched this blog and I love how passionate he is about his work. I'm amazed at how much his talent has grown in just a short amount of time. He found this freakin awesome location in an old, almost abandoned building and saw the beauty that needed to be captured and I'm happy to be just a mere accessory of this shot. I'm grateful to have such a great partnership and can't wait to see what crazy thing he comes up with next.