Embroidered Love

You know when you see that one thing...a beautiful handbag, a handsome guy, a giant donut...and you just can't get that thing off your mind? Well this jacket my friends, is that sweet savory chocolate covered donut. Working for BCBG for so long gave me the ability to see all the latest and greatest in high fashion on a weekly basis. They were  always on the forefront of fashion and created the most gorgeously detailed pieces in the most impeccable fabrics and the most flattering silhouettes. BCBG stands for Bon Chic Bon Genre, perfectly translated to Good style, Good attitude and I lived and breathed that mantra for the entire length of my 20s. I still do to this day and I am so grateful to have the privilege of owning many of their show stopping pieces, that discount was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. One of those amazing pieces is this incredible cropped leather jacket. BCBG never goes wrong with their leather, sooo buttery soft and cut perfectly to accent all of your assets. This one is adorned with an intricate floral stitching making it a unique yet trendy staple. The floral embroidery is all the rage right now, decorated all over denim, loafers and bomber jackets; the trend is strong with the street style influencers. The funny thing is, I bought this jacket 2 years ago...again the forefront of fashion! So, although their items are quite pricey, they are indeed an investment and will stand the test of time.