Bring May Flowers

What a long dreary spring we have had! But fear not for Connecticut is the land of bipolar weather conditions and a heat wave is upon us. All that rain has washed away and it's finally time to bring on the heat. With all the nice weather comes blooming buds and whether you're strolling down the street or through the marble's clear that florals are the current hott trend and I am allll about it! 

Everywhere I go I am seeing these pretty, airy flower printed tops. Off the shoulder, backless, and even this light silky wrap tank. I am loving the soft romantic feel of this current trend and paired with some transitional basics, you can be ready for sunday brunch or a special date night. 

So, I think the seasonal depression was getting to me and I just HAD to treat myself to something nice and what better than a super cute, classic neutral toned cross-body mood enhancer? LOL Seriously though, I have been saving up for a new bag for quite a while and this time I wanted to go for something small, easy yet chic and classic. After months of searching and debating I finally decided on this Gucci cross-body camera bag. It was the winner because 1. the color goes with everything and is perfect for summer 2. It's a timeless style that I can get a lot of use of and 3. It's Gucci. 

Seriously though the Soho Disco Crossbody has literally become my everyday go-to. Working in sales requires me to be in and out of my car all day long so having an easy hands free option has been very helpful. And it's also great when heading out to after work happy hour, you know so you can hold both of your drinks at once ;)

Now, I know not everyone can go ahead and splurge on an expensive designer bag every time the seasons change ( and maybeeee I shouldn't have either) so I am linking some equally fabulous frugal finds below cuz I know we are all trying to ball on a budget, am I right?