Begin at the Origin

Hey loves, let's talk about SKINCARE!!

So I know in my last beauty routine post I raved on and on about Fresh products, now don't get me wrong I still LOVE the stuff! But...I recently had the opportunity to partner with my local Origins to give some of their products a try. I have always used Origins here and there, picking up a little face cream or serum at the ever enticing Sephora check out line (I swear the do that on purpose). A few weeks ago I went in for quick mini facial and was sent home with an extremely generous package full of wonderful little goodies. I couldn't wait to try everything but I knew I had to wait to review them. One thing I know about my skin (and my hair for that matter) is that it has to get used to things to start to work....and I know sometimes I have to go back and forth with products because skin gets TOO used to things and end up not working as well. Luckily I was at that point with all of my Fresh products and it was the perfect timing to try something new!


Let's start with the Checks and Balances...hunny it is just that! Got me in check real fast and balanced the heck out of my face. The thing I love about Origins is that you can tell that all of their products are so natural. This face wash is so light and delicate, it's frothy texture just dances over your face leaving you feeling so fresh and so clean clean. Finish it off with the Perfect World moisturizer and I'm telling you...your face will feel like a babies butt, and babies butts are just the cutest so who doesn't want that. It's packed with SPF40 to protect that baby face of yours cuz nobody wants to be lookin like Tan Mom. 


Now, the last two products I really can't decide on which I like better because they are both just SO GOOD.

The High Potency Night-A-Mins (first of all, what a great name) is TO DIE FOR. It is literally amazingness in a jar. It's super moisturizing but not too greasy, I love to literally lather on all the goodness before bed because A. It's New England, the air gets dry because its below freezing or it gets dry because its freaking sweltering and you have to blast the AC and fan to get through the night and B. Because I've been told I have very soft skin and I'd like to keep it that way. I'm only half black who knows if I'm going to inherit the "black don't crack"ness (pray for me) Anyway, your skin is beat up all day from the sun and pollution and all that other shit in the air, the night time is when your skin is recovering and replenishing so help it out by keeping it nourished.

Last but not least, the Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask. Now obviously the charcoal mask is all the rage right now, and for good reason. This stuff works WONDERS! I will preface by saying that I am very lucky to have relatively good skin. I never had acne growing up and usually only break out in one or two pimples now when you know whats on the way. However, as I've gotten older I have definitely noticed my skin start to change. I use the mask mayyybe once a week,only really when I can start to see the pores on and around my nose growing(is that the term? idk whatev) but once I use it I can feel that active charcoal werkin girl! It's like it literally takes a layer off of your skin and leaves it feeling sooo soft and so smooth just like I'm a teenager again. 

Bottom line is people, you gotta take care of your skin and you gotta use the good stuff! Stay away from the harsh chemicals and the full bodied fragrance stuff, that's only going to dry you out even more...obvs that's how they get you to keep buying more. All of these products are so rich that you don't even need to use that much, seriously, a little goes a long way and it's all totally worth it. Go getchu some boo, links below. Thanks Loves