At Your Service

Ladies (and gentlemen)...your prayers have been answered!
Throughout my years in retail I came across many different types of consumers. Some who loathed the idea of going shopping, some who went through a major change and didn't know how to shop for their body, and others who just didn't have the time to come to the mall. These were my favorite types of customers because it gave me the chance to start from scratch...find out their likes/dislikes, brush them up on the current trends and offer advice on how to put together looks without all the hassle. Now that I am out of that world I still have the urge to help a sista out! And so often I find that the need is actually out there. With that I am excited to announce an official personal assistance experience with Vigor & Vogue's "At Your Service".  


closet clean out consultation

  • 1-2 hours of a total closet haul. We will filter through the good the bad and the ugly. I'll help get you back on track while building off your already established foundation
  • Quick consult about your lifestyle to determine needs 
  • Provide you with shopping guidelines and must haves to get that closet re-set


  • First we will do a mini closet purge just to clear out the clutter
  • 4 shopping trips per year to stock up on upcoming trends for the changing seasons

Occasional outfitter

  • For the fashion savvy who are in a time crunch-- a 1 time wardrobe consult for a special occasion 
  • After a brief consult I bring the goods with a full head to toe look
  • Hair & Make up advice (and/or application) to complete the look



The regular

  • I'll act as your on-call fashion consultant for everyday looks to glamours events
  • We will build up a style profile so there will never be a question about taste, fit or budget



fashion fix up

  • Basically it's the Closet Clean Out Consultation but with additional assisted shopping trips to teach or re-teach the fundamentals of fashion 
  • Shopping Spree!! 


pricing available upon request